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Our Services

We are dedicated to improving your quality of life by reducing or eliminating pain that you may be suffering from. If you are suffering from pain, please remember you don't have to live this way. I have been a Chiropractor for over 35 yrs and have helped thousands of patients over the years reduce and eliminate pain. My goal is to improve your Quality of Life and I will do everything I can to achieve this through Chiropractic adjustments, spinal manipulation, and other therapies that support the body's natural healing abilities, leading to improved overall health and well-being.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is viewed as a natural healthcare method because neither drugs nor surgical procedures are used; rather it is a health practice which is applied through manual manipulation. These misalignments, referred to as subluxations, can place pressure on and irritate the nerves which make up your spine. I use a gentle diversified technique. Chiropractic can treat many Musculoskeletal problems.  

Physical Therapy

The use of physical therapy helps reduce pain inflammation and swelling. Commonly used as supplement for Chiropractic care.

  • ​Electrical muscle stimulation - reduces muscle spasms, increases circulation and helps reduce pain.

  • Ultrasound -  Heat therapy using sound waves for relaxing muscles and  helps to promote the healing process.

Bowen Therapy

The Bowen technique is a "stimulative", rolling motion around bone structures, muscles using the pads of the therapists fingers. The Bowen treatment is characterized by:

  • Safety - for all ages, including children

  • Effectiveness - most see significant improvement through full resolution of pain and dysfunction

  • Speed - most work is completed in 4-5 sessions

  • Wide Ranging - addresses a wide range of structural and non-structural conditions, including chronic pain

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