Our Patients Share:

Hear are just a few success stories that have been provided to us by very satisfied clients. We know that the same successes can happen to you, just schedule an appointment.


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 I would like to tell you my story- an exiting one-I was having severe back pain for 5+ years. I had initially contacted my primary care physician and was referred to several doctors.  Each time a different treatment was offered to relieve me of back  pain. I was offered physical therapy, epidural injections, pain medication, and nothing would help. I had began to feel that I would have to adjust my life to include constant back pain. However, I was referred to Dr. Paul Petty. He explained a treatment that was not familiar to me; "Bowen," is a treatment which consists of 4 sessions.  After my first session I felt relief instantly. The treatment resembles getting a massage; after leaving the session I felt as I did prior to the 5 years I had lost. I continued to receive treatments from Dr. Petty. 7 weeks after my last session I am feeling great. I have not needed additional treatment and/or medication.


I highly recommend the “Bowen” treatment. 


Thank you very much Dr. Petty you have changed my life.


- Lettizia Truong


I have suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for many years. I have seen several doctors and have been treated with orthotics, foot wraps, cortisone injections, and pain pills. All of those treatments have only offered minimal relief. Dr. Petty has treated me with the Bowen Therapy and I feel so good that I could dance a jig.

Thank you Dr. Petty.


- Amy Sanchez

I’ve been a chiropractic patient of Dr. Petty’s for about 12 years and have found relief and good health in his treatment.  After having received several treatments of the Bowen technique from Dr. Petty, I can say that I have felt the best I’ve felt in years.  Some of the recurring pain I felt in my back went away.  It’s been great to feel free of pain!     


 -Michael Howard