Chiropractic is viewed as a natural healthcare method because neither drugs nor surgical procedures are used; rather it is a health practice which is applied through manual manipulation of the spine to release the spinal structure of misalignments, encouraging the body to perform as it is intended and aid the body in self-healing. These misalignments, referred to as subluxations, can place pressure on and irritate the nerves which make up your spine. Many seek relief from the pain caused by this pressure when visiting a doctor of chiropractic for an initial visit. I use a diversified technique and the force I use is very gentle. Chiropractic can treat many muscularskeletal problems.  


The Bowen technique is a "stimulative", rolling motion around bone structures, muscles using the pads of the therapists fingers. The gentle rolling motion sets up vibrations in the muscle that initiate, stimulate and focus the body's corrective and self-healing processes. The Bowen treatment is characterized by:

  • Safety- for all ages, including children

  • Gentleness- deeply relaxing

  • Effectiveness- most see significant improvement through full through full resolution of pain and dysfuntion

  • Speed- most work is completed in 4-5 sessions

  • Wide Ranging- addresses a wide range of structural and non-structural conditions, including chronic pain

  • Long Lasting- no ongoing maintenance (single session tune-ups are done if or as required)

Physical Therapy

Electrical muscle stimulation: reduces muscle spasms, increases circulation and helps reduce pain.

Ultrasound: Heat therapy using sound waves for relaxinging muscles and  helps to promote the healing process.


Scenar Therapy

Designed and developed for the Russian Space Program. The Scenar technique is a mildly "stimulative" process using a highly sophisticated hand held, battery operated electronic  device. This is not a Tens unit. Gently brushing Scenar on the body induces chemical changes in the central nervous system that stimulate and focus the body's corrective and self-healing processes.


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